The perfect combination of speed, accuracy utilization and recovery.


See why customers have named this mill "the Rolls Royce of swing blade portable sawmills" and "The Swiss Army Knife of sawmills."


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January 2012 -- Standard on all new saws arbor bearing to eliminate side loading. Available as an upgrade for existing customers.
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New options: Order just a mill head without the track (build your own track).

Check out our O to 90 fixture!!!  Set saw to any angle within its 90 degree swing.  For milling ridge pitch, top plate angles or inlet corner columns for hex or octagon construction etc. 

Looking for the perfect portable sawmill?  You've come the right place.  Take a look and see the advantages the Brand X Sawmill offers over other swing blade mills, band saw mills and conventional circle saw mills currently on the market.  We're sure you will like what you see.

The Brand X Sawmill is proudly manufactured in the USA!

Split rails for fencing--table tops and mantels--beams--boards--dimension lumber--door and window trim--you name it, the Brand X Sawmill can do it and with unmatched accuracy and uniformity.


NEW: 12v DC vertical set system with variable speed control.  Accuracy plus or minus 1/64".  Maximum speed 1.15 inches per second.  $2495.


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