Sawmill pricing

"The Rolls Royce of Swing Blade Portable Sawmills"

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New Option:  Order just the mill head without the track and build your own track.  See pricing below.

The basic mill package comes with the following equipment:
bullet30' of track for sawing 22'6" long logs.
bulletNew electric start V twin 16 HP Briggs and Stratton, or Kohler engine with new battery.
bullet(3) 21 1/2" carbide tipped saws.
bulletElectric sharpener with diamond stone.
bulletLap siding attachment.
bulletPeltor safety helmet with full face shield and ear  protection.
bullet1 set (2 pair) of log dogs.
bullet3 rail log deck.
bulletTool box containing 1 pair spare belts, spare screws etc.
bulletMill orientation and operation school covering sawing technique, adjustments, sharpening, mill care and maintenance, safety hazard identification and accident prevention.

 Price for the basic mill package is only $15,395. (without track $13,035)


Basic mill package with:

18 HP engine  $15,675 (without track $13,310)

23 HP engine  $16,495 (without track ($14,135)



Basic mill with 40' of track instead of 30':

16 HP engine $16,110

18 HP engine $16,280

23 HP engine $17,210


See pricing for tow options and extras!



Due to the extreme rise in steel prices and fuel costs, our mill prices are subject to change without notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Individual written quotes are good for 30 days.

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