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"The Rolls Royce of Swing Blade Portable Sawmills"

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A 12 volt electric sharpener with diamond stone is used to sharpen the saw's carbide teeth.  This usually takes only 5 or 10 minutes.  Sharpener with diamond stone is provided as standard equipment with all mills.  After saw teeth are sharpened back or otherwise damaged where they need replacement, re-tip and tune-up at a professional saw shop usually runs $20 to $25.  The saw blade itself lasts for years unless severely abused.

Our log holding ( log dogging) system is FAR superior to any other on the market.  These multiple "log dogs" are fast, simple and can be as aggressive as is necessary to hold the hardest, frozen, slippery logs, which strictly eliminates the ruined lumber and log, bent or burned saws, damaged mill components and flying objects you could encounter when a log shifts while you are making a cut.  See pricing for more information
With the optional tow package, the Brand X Sawmill can be easily towed with a small truck. More information can be found  at sawmill specifications  and pricing.



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