Natural Log Siding and Custom Wood Products by

Glacier Creek Logging and Lumber, LLC

log siding, mantels, posts, beams, stair treads, table tops, log railing, 2 and 3 sided house logs and much more.......

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All of our log siding products are saw milled, hand peeled and/or hand fitted from natural, organic logs.  None are composites, glued or machined.


We offer our log sidings in a variety of wood species including: Fir, Larch, Spruce and Pine.  The majority of our sidings are cut from Lodge Pole Pine, which is a close, tight and straight grained pine that takes oil and stain very well.  After drying it is very stable as it doesn't warp, twist or crack severely.  Our sidings are cut from standing dead/dry or seasoned logs (cut green and dry stacked for 2 years).


Any structure is market value enhanced with this natural log siding, which duplicates the look of a handcrafted log building.  This siding is the real thing and looks great on barns, garages, out-buildings, etc. 


Our sidings blend in beautifully on a frame addition to an existing log home, making it virtually impossible to tell which is the log building and which is frame construction.  It also efficiently installs over bare concrete walls on exposed basements and/or split-level designs.


Only #1 logs are used to saw this high quality siding.  It is extremely fast and efficient to install and is available is a variety of widths and standard to half log thickness in both natural or squared edge.  (see our Price List for more information).


Full log ends or tails are available and in full scribe, flat sawn or three sided ends for by pass corners as well as pac-man corner logs, for butt siding applications.

Interested in more custom wood products?

We can also custom saw table tops, 2 sided house logs, 3 sided logs (D Logs), beams, stair treads etc.  We also supply log railing kits as well as posts and columns.  Contact us for more information.  If you don't see what you need here, let us know. Chances are we can supply it for you.