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"The Rolls Royce of Swing Blade Portable Sawmills"

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The Brand X Sawmill has many special features that you won't find on other mills.  These features all add up to make this mill truly the "Rolls Royce of swing frame saw mills".

Take a look at some of the Brand X Sawmills special features:



Factory Up Grade - January 2012

Now standard on all new mills.

This upgrade for older uints is a double aubor bearings greatly stabalizes the saw. Eliminates side load on arbor to output shaft coupling.

Now available for an upgrade for $499.00

Click here to order!

These heavy-duty, hinged track scrapers prevent debris build up on the tracks or in the wheels, even in extreme rainy or freezing conditions.
The Brand X Sawmill's detachable mill roof protects both the mill and the operator from the elements. 
A heavy duty, three rail log deck comes as standard equipment with each mill and makes logs easy to roll onto the mill.
 The Brand X Sawmill's steel stop to steel stop horizontal set works makes for identical accuracy with every cut and a lap siding attachment comes as standard equipment.

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