Options and Extras


"The Rolls Royce of Swing Blade Portable Sawmills"

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Mill Track Extensions:

$ 935 10' extension

$1870 20' extension

$2805 30' extension

$3740 40' extension



Sawing 40' 2x8's on a 30' mill with a 20' extension for a total of 50' of track

Extra Log Dogs:

$250 per pair (2 pair per set).  Each new mill comes with one set of log dogs.


Side sawdust deflectors: 



Mill Roofs to protect mill and operator from the elements:



New:  0 to 90 angle cutting attachment.  Set saw to any angle within its 90 degree swing.  For milling ridge pitch, top plate angles or inlet corner columns for hex or octagon construction etc. etc....$500.00 See more.......

Replacement carbide tipped blades:

5 tooth blades  $165.00

6 tooth blades  $175.00


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