Tow Package Options

"The Rolls Royce of Swing Blade Portable Sawmills"

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Need a tow package?

30' or shorter tow packages:  Add $1650.  30'  and shorter tow packages include axle, fenders, tow hitch and lights. 

40' tow packages at $1980.  40' tow packages come with tandem axels and fenders, tow hitch and lights.


With the standard tow package, the axels and fenders are intended to be removed when you get to the milling site and then replaced the next time you need to move your mill.  Other towing options would include a trailer mounted mill.  With the trailer mounted mill, milling is done on the trailer itself.

The trailer mount option comes with or without leveling jacks and/or A legs for 3 rail log deck.  Please contact us for a price quote for this


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