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The Brand X Sawmill was originally designed and built by Jay Brand in Condon, Montana in 2004. Jay built over 200 Brand X Sawmills before he passed away in 2016.

Jay designed this swing blade sawmill with over 30 years of experience operating many different types of mills throughout his life. From band mills to swing blades and head rigs, he found flaws and limitations with each mill. The broken bands, inaccurate cuts and slow production drove Jay to design his own sawmill. The result of his design solved his milling problems and became the Brand X Sawmill.

Jay described his mill as a strong, rigid, easy to use mill with no fancy gadgets and a superior dogging system.

In the words of Jay Brand, “The Brand X Sawmill will quickly and accurately cut about any configuration and length you ask it to. Thus, making you a considerable pile of money, all while you are having fun.”


About Us

As friends of the Brand family, we will continue custom building the same great Brand X Sawmill with the same great design Jay Brand produced.

Josh has over 20 years of experience in fabrication, welding, diesel and small engine repair and hydraulics.

Jennifer has over 20 years experience in customer service.

Together we produce a top quality sawmill and provide excellent customer service. These sawmills are built in the USA, in beautiful Montana where we take pride in our workmanship and treat our customers with integrity and respect.

Josh and Jennifer Johnson

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