Price List

Steel surcharges may also apply and prices are subject to change.
Mill Head
Mill Head$17,550 USD
Electric start V twin engine (22 hp Honda), 2- 21 1/2” carbide tipped blades, electric sharpener with diamond stone, lap siding attachment, 2- log dog assemblies, safety helmet with face shield, service box with spare belts and bolts, and operators manual outlining safety and best practice milling.
Track Assembly - 30 ft
Track Assembly - 30 ft$5,300 USD
30ft of track for sawing up to 22’ 6” long logs. Extensions are available in 10’ sections, or tracks can be coupled for infinite length. Framing is 4”x4”x1/4” steel square tube. Level can easily be maintained and the track is ridgid enough for our towable trailer package. Our tracks accommodate our unique Log Dogging system. Tracks come standard four right-hand log rail supports and a 10’ three-rail log deck. (The track assemblies do not include the wooden decking.)
Budget Option 1: Track Assembly
Budget Option 1: Track Assembly$4,400 USD
Get the 30 foot track assembly without the three-rail log deck.
Budget Option 2: FREE Track Plans
Budget Option 2: FREE Track PlansFREE
We offer detailed track plans to our customers for free. Build your own track or have it fabricated locally with these detailed track fabrication plans. (Pictures included)  This option will also save on shipping charges.                                                   
Track Extensions - 10 ft
Track Extensions - 10 ft$1,600 USD

Extensions are available in 10’ sections, or tracks can be coupled for infinite length. Framing is 4”x4”x1/4” steel square tube. Our track extensions accommodate our unique log dogging system.

Transportation Package
Transportation Package$3,300 USD

This transportation package is available to easily move the sawmill and track, and make temporary site work possible.

This package includes a removable tongue, removable 3,500 lb axel with brakes, removable fenders, wiring, lights and legal VIN for license and insurance needs. This unit is also equipped with six 7,500 lb leveling support jacks and one standard tongue jack.

The transportation package’s capacity  is the weight of the sawmill and does not double as a cargo flatbed.

The sawmill can be used on this transportation package after fenders are removed, leveling jacks are secured and the unit has been leveled.

**Steel surcharges may apply


Log Dogs
Log Dogs$300 USD
Mill safely and with confidence when your dog bites this hard. Includes one dog assembly.
Saw Blades
Saw BladesTBD
To order saw blades, please reach out to Missoula Saws at 406-721-2580.
Angle Fixture 0-90 deg
Angle Fixture 0-90 deg$500 USD
This fixture allows angles, ridge beams, and specialty cuts to be performed.
Roof$550 USD
When the weather turns this option will keep you dry and milling and also protect that investment.
Side Deflectors
Side Deflectors$150 USD
Highly recommended for keeping the debris around the mill.
XT Up-grade
XT Up-grade$1,400 USD

This extra tall variation of our mill is for those who are sawing over 36” diameter logs. This mill will process 50” plus diameter logs.

This option includes our new drop crank assembly for ease of operation.

Replacement Parts

We have a full line of replacement parts available. Give us a call for more information.

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