• Engine: 22HP Honda GX690, electric start, gasoline.
  • Maximum Cut: 8 ½” vertically, and 8 ½” horizontally from either or both sides of the log, making possible 17” wide cuts. 
  • Minimum mill capacity: 3” dia. x 48”L
  • Maximum mill capacity: 36”dia. for standard model,  51” dia. for XT (extra tall) model,  x Length is infinite as our tracks have extensions available for any length configuration
  • Track: heavy duty fully welded, available in customizable length, trailer packages available, comes standard with 3 rail log deck, incorporates our unique Log Dogging system for cutting within 1 ½” of log rails
  • Blades: industrial grade tungsten carbide tipped, 21 ½” available in various configurations
  • Arbor/Mandrel: single piece billet machined
  • Bearings: dual high-speed ball bearings with cast iron flange housings
  • Transmission: cast iron (not aluminum) gear case with hardened gears and output shaft

Special Features of the Brand X Sawmill

  • Hand crafted in the USA and custom built to order,
  • Welded using high quality steel for strength and rigidity creating a smooth, accurate cut,
  • A superior dogging system that bites hard, is simple to use, and allows the operator to cut within 1 ½ “ of the log rails for minimal waste. These dogs allow you cut even the smallest logs,
  • Our track can be configured to an infinite length and comes standard with a three-rail log deck,
  • Heavy-duty track scrapers that prevent debris buildup on the track in the most extreme conditions,
  • Industrial quality carbide tipped saw blades available in various tooth counts,
  • A lap siding attachment comes standard with every mill,
  • Each mill has an on board sharpener with diamond stone for quick, easy sharpening on the go,
  • This sawmill is easy to use and has no fancy gadgets or instruments,
  • A detachable mill roof is available to protect the saw and operator from the elements,
  • Great customer service.

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